Miscellaneous Class Pictures

Thanks to BJ Bybee, who provided me with a bunch of pictures taken during our time at Skyline, I’ve published them on our website (in no particular order) for our enjoyment and SHS memories.

Some of them come from our Class of 1970 Yearbook, so if you have misplaced your yearbook, here is a chance to see them again!

Many of the pictures have names associated with them, but some don’t. And, alas, my memory is fading, so if you see someone you recognize, let me know and I’ll add their name as a caption to the picture.


Sherry Novick
Jim Phillipson, Patti Fisk, Sue Tripp, David Carlson
Bruce Didesch, Julie Brown, Debbie Baker, Bob Schock
Patti Fisk
Bob Schoch – Student Body President
Mr. Fritzen
Jerry Jackson
Steve Leonard, Kevin Page, Randy McClanahan
Steve Graves
Powder Puff Football Coaches
Jackie Sheffer