Classmate Bios

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December 2019

50 years has brought a lot of change in my life. After graduating from Skyline, I went to Ricks College for a year, and then served an LDS mission in Norway. Upon return I entered BYU/Provo and eventually graduated in Design and Graphics Technology in 1977. While at BYU I got married to a girl from CA and we had our first daughter. After graduation I accepted a job at General Dynamics in San Diego For the next 35 years, we lived the San Diego and Los Angeles areas, during which time I also graduated from West Coast University with a Masters in Technical Management. During those years I worked at various software and engineering firms, including as a part owner of a software services provider. We eventually we had 3 other children. I now have 3 daughters and one son. They are all grown up now, married and with kids of their own. I have 9 grandkids. They all live in Southern California. About 10 years ago I got divorced, and spent about 2 years on my own. In 2012 I married my current wife, Susie, and not long after that, accepted a job assignment to work in Mannheim, Germany for 2 years. Germany was a wonderful experience. We saw some awesome sights, and even got to visit Norway again, where I had previously served my mission. We made many wonderful friends. In 2014 we returned to the States, in the Los Angeles area. We had my mother move in with us so we could provide care for her as she has dementia. In 2015 we moved up to Idaho so my mother would be more comfortable. We lived in to her house in Ammon. My wife retired from her position at a company in LA to be my mother’s caregiver and I worked out of the home as a software consultant. Last summer (2019) we built a home in Chester (outside of St. Anthony) on some property we purchased a few years ago. We moved into this home last November, and placed my mother into an assisted living center in St. Anthony as she got too much for us to handle. She passed away in June 2020. Its very beautiful here, and its great to be back in Idaho! I have enjoyed attended each of our class reunions over the years, and am looking forward to our 50th. Hope to see you all there!


December 2019

My life has been great but not nearly as accomplished or interesting as many of you! Terry and I are still married. We have been thrilled to have our 2 children, Shane and Kristi, both live within minutes making it possible for us to be very involved in every aspect of our Grandkids lives, which we have treasured! We have 4 grandsons and 1 granddaughter. The oldest is 23 and the youngest 14.
Low points of my life have been: My sister Paula, 14 years my junior getting MS at 18 and having chronic health issues. She is still battling and is a loving and sweet soul and never complains and inspires us all.
My parents sold our family ranch on Rattlesnake Creek near Spencer about 1994. Very sad for us all. A whole way of life gone from us.
My Dad’s sudden death in 1997.
High points: Of course anytime with the grandkids! Trips to Disneyland and the ocean, Yellowstone Park, and our favorite since losing the ranch, Redfish Lake. In 1998 my Mom took me to Europe and I savored every moment. It only whetted my appetite to see more of the world!! Sold my last saddle horse in 2006 and told Terry I had to have some summer activity, so he bought me 2 jetskis. To quote my son, I “ride ’em like you stole ’em!” and have had great times with grandsons and friends on the water! I now want a dual sport bike to ride mountain roads and easy trails. 4 wheelers and I do NOT get along!
I have not accomplished anything noteworthy, but Terry has done some amazing things for Skyline High and the community! He was recognized for his contributions by being 1 of the 1st three inductees into the Skyline Hall of Fame, along with Coach Rass (posthumously) and Jim Garchow. He organized and obtained donations of funds and labor to get virtually every sports complex improvement at the school, except the tennis courts, new gym and track. All the equipment sheds, softball and baseball fields, lights and scoreboards and most challenging of all, the public bathrooms/concession stand just completed this past year.
We are grateful for the good health we have enjoyed and our other many blessings. I count my dear longtime friends as a treasure and love meeting and making new ones.


December 2019

I now live in Idaho Falls, not far from where I lived in 1970. I returned to Idaho Falls 20 years ago, after my husband, Ken, retired from the Air Force. We lived a gypsy life for 26 years and loved it. I’m not sure that our four children loved the uprooting and moving every time that new orders came, but we all learned to love different parts of the country—from east to west, north to south, and a lot in between. Having lived in so many parts of the country, I must say that Idaho is a very good place to be.
After high school, I attended Utah State University and graduated with an elementary school teaching degree. Though I never used that degree on a full-time basis, I did substitute teaching as my children were growing up. Our children (three sons and a daughter) all have children of their own, and it is amazing to see them in action as parents. One son lives in Idaho Falls, while the others are farther away (Sitka, Alaska, is the furthest). Ten grandkids in all, last count.
Ken is completely retired now. After the Air Force, he flew a corporate jet for a while before being hired by SkyWest. Several years ago, he had a heart attack, had bypass surgery, and the whole nine yards. He was just getting on a flight to California when the head office called him to say that his medical certificate needed updating. He was pulled off the flight and headed for home. At the time, the Idaho Falls airport was closed so he flew into Pocatello. He headed out to his car and had the heart attack in the parking lot. He called 911. He went through the whole process of getting his medical back with the FAA, and then decided to retire anyway. He’s healthy now and very happy to not be dragging a suitcase through airports and hotels.
The years have been good to us, even with the highs and lows that come with the passing of so many years. I hold even tighter now to families being eternal, and I can see that blessings come in unexpected ways. My family is my top priority. We love to see our kids as often as we can.
If there is some downtime, I do a myriad of things all related to textiles. I love to quilt! I have a long-arm quilting and design company (Rasmatazz Designs), I do freelance technical editing for quilting books, and I have written several quilting books. I never had any idea where this quilting stuff would take me, but it has taken me around the world. A friend and I took a textile tour to Bali several years ago, and we also went to France on a tour. After traveling with tour groups where we heard a lot of complaining, we decided that we could do a better job at organizing textile travel groups, and so we started taking groups to Europe. We have taken textile groups to Scotland twice and Italy. It’s a challenge to mesh all the schedules, the transportation, the accommodations, and all the personalities together for 10 to 15 days, but so rewarding to see everyone have a good time! Plus, I get to travel.
Life is good!


December 2019

After graduation, I was a cook at the Westbank from 16 years old, but went full time after graduation.
I also worked in Jackpot at Cactus Pete’s, doing their salads for buffets. That lasted 3 months because the French Chef was a little to handsy. So, I came back to IF and the Westbank.
I met my husband in 1971, he was a graduate of Idaho Falls, HS, Jim Aicher, He was in the Navy on a Destroyer Estcourt in Viet Nam until 1973. We got married in June 1974. In 1975 we moved to Burley for Jim to get a job at Simplot and use his skills that he went to school for.
I quit work because I didn’t want to be a working mom. We were blessed with a little girl, Jill, in 1976, who was a miracle. We moved back to Idaho Falls and Jim went to work at the INL. My father had just died, and we wanted to be closer to my mother, so we moved to Coltman area, where we still are.
In 1983 we adopted a 3-year-old boy with heart, hearing, and learning disabilities. He was a challenge but was great with computers and was reading 3 novels at the same time when he died in August 2012. For someone that had so many challenges, he excelled at what he did. We still miss him.
After my son graduated, I was asked by Carpet Mart if I could set up Quick Books. I said yes had done it for another company, well I got offered a job. It seems that I have a talent with computers as did my children. I worked there for 16 years, was part owner at one time and manager. I retired in 2014 and so did my husband from the INL. I now help people with genealogy and how to work computers.
Our daughter Jill has 2 children, and she teaches College courses in Boise.
I have had my ups and downs thru the years with health problems and losses, but nothing that I haven’t been able to handle so far. Both my parents, sister, brother and son are deceased. Makes for small family reunions.
I have been very fortunate thru the years and hope to be looking at wonderful years to come. I still have never grown up and don’t plan on it. My grandchildren 10 and 12, think I act like I am 9, which they say that is good.
I appreciate our classmates more now than before, probably because I didn’t know many in that big class. I also have been gifted with great friends through the years.
My wish for my classmates is that they are happy and content with whatever circumstances they are in. That they have had love in their lives. That life has been a great adventure that will not be over for a long, long time. Love Jean Ryder Aicher


December 2019

I married Rex Robertson in September of 1970, and we moved to Hawaii
for 2 years and then to the San Diego area. We returned to Idaho Falls
in 1978 and have been here ever since. We have 3 children and only 1
grandchild, but hopefully more someday. I went back to work when my
kids were all in school for a company that makes candy vending
machines. I am now part owner and the company is growing so fast I
don’t want to retired just yet. All of my children live here in Idaho
Falls and it is great to see then all the time. My granddaughter
lives in San Rafael, California, with her mother, but we get her a lot
in the summers. So between work, kids, and being the Treasurer for the Community Outreach Center here in Idaho Falls I stay quite busy.


December 2019

Mike & I were married after 2 years of college in 1972.
We have moved 27 times in that 43 years; finishing college, seeking a career, building 5 homes,
renting between builds and most of it in the Northwest Indiana region. We live close enough to enjoy Chicago without the everyday fast pace and high taxes. Our country acre is 20 minutes from Lake Michigan and 5 minutes from the thriving community of Valparaiso. It has proven to be a wonderful place to raise our family. My husband grew up building houses with his dad, although it was not his chosen profession. He has taken very good care of our family and I have not had to work outside the home.
That said…I have been able to dabble in a lot of character building experiences like raising 4 children,
teaching piano lessons, float building, running a home based vinyl business, organizing community and church events, traveling, and my favorite…cheering on 12 grandchildren, ranging in age from 24 to 4 1/2 (#13 due in Dec). Our children all live within a 2 hour radius…close enough & not too far away:)
Our oldest grandsons are twins. Derek starts teaching at Greensboro College in North Carolina and his brother, Corey, is in the Navy now with a diving contract. We are very proud of them as they begin their careers…however….becoming great grandparents may be closer than I want to think about.
Our next oldest grandson is serving a mission in Italy..and the rest are exploring their talents and skills
like volleyball, soccer, LaCrosse, band, t-ball, academic excellence, Scouting, hunting and fishing. These
9 boys and 3 girls keep us entertained and exhausted at times, but have enriched our lives so much.
We enjoy occasional road trips and have visited most of the 50 United States( New Hampshire, Maine and Alaska are still on the list.)
We actually prefer to fly nowadays, and we hope to travel abroad more in the future. My favorite trips have been out west and I get home (Idaho Falls) at least once a year. It has been hard living away from family and friends all these years, but I have no regrets.
My health is good…although I’m not a marathon runner. I enjoy being outdoors in all seasons and love gardening, swimming and camping. I scrapbook for alone time, still play the piano to lower the blood pressure and I’m a Facebook fanatic when it comes to family and friends. As I contemplate being 60-something old, I am happy that the 60’s is the new 40’s…and there is a lot of living left to do!


June 2021

After two years of college at Idaho State University, I worked at the nuclear site in Idaho Falls for TRA. I later moved to Boise and went to work for Morrison-Knudsen Co. In 1975, they transferred me for a secretarial position on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline Project, stationed in Glennallen, Alaska. I worked there two years, came back to Boise and married my first husband, Gary Pusl. After we were married, we went back to Alaska and worked on the North Slope for 9 months. We had two girls, Amanda and Carrie. We moved to Hailey, Idaho, where he worked for Power Engineers. We were divorced in 1994. After that, I married Marion Mitchell and we lived in Carlsbad, NM. I worked for Sandia National Laboratories. We lived there for seven years. Marion worked in the nuclear area in contracts, so after that we moved several times. We lived in Knoxville, TN, Cincinnati, OH, and Charlotte, NC. Now that we are retired we live in Bristol, VA, as my husband grew up in Abingdon, VA. Amanda has one daughter, my only granddaughter, and she lives in Frisco, TX. Carrie is now living in Carlsbad, NM and is not married. I miss the mountains of Idaho, but have enjoyed all the many places we have lived.


June 2021

The five and a half years living in Idaho resulted in many of my best memories and most enduring friendships.  The most memorable experience in high school was the weekend we drove my parents VW bus to Woodstock. I can’t remember who went along, but if you remember going, like remembering the rest of Woodstock, you probably weren’t there.  My parents moved back to upstate New York after we graduated which meant few opportunities to return to Idaho Falls.  But, my love of the American West and skiing has been insatiable and genetically it has been transferred to our son.  I have been very fortunate in that some of our classmates have met over the years for week-long backpacking trips throughout the West and for visits to large cities in the US and Europe.

My life followed two passions-as a ski bum and migrant farm laborer. Since high school, I have lived by the ski bum’s credo-earn little, spend less, invest the rest. In college in New York I ran a program for the Eastern ski area owner’s taking skiers from Harlem to various eastern resorts, often staying slopeside in the owner’s homes. During that time, I lived in the unheated hired hands room at the family farm in the Mid-Hudson Valley, farmed in the morning and went to college in the afternoon, sitting in economics or art history classes with manure still on my shoes. Understandably, I don’t have a lot of friends from that period. In my undergraduate summers, longing for the American West, I returned to Idaho as a licensed river guide on the Middle Fork and Main Salmon Rivers.

After grad school, we moved to Pennsylvania and joined the Ski Roundtop instructors, often night skiing overlooking the cooling towers at the Three Mile Island nuke plant just a few years after the near meltdown. Western ski technique served me poorly on the icy slopes of the east, but I had opportunities to ski with many of the best instructors in the East and taught everyone from 3 year olds to the Baltimore Gospel Choir.  As a pre-schooler, our son joined a rat pack of ski instructors’ children and caught a passion for skiing that has taken him to British Columbia (Whistler-Blackcomb) for college and law school, to Switzerland for the Murren Inferno downhill, and now to Vail, Colorado to start a business.

For forty years, we have driven the four hours from professional careers in Pennsylvania to the farm, 75 miles due north of New York City in the Hudson River Valley. About ten years ago, my two brothers and mother said they were ready to sell the farm after eight generations.  Without a moment’s thought, I offered to buy it, fully knowing that fair market value meant I had to quit my career of 32 years and double my income immediately. The pace in the past decade of a consulting business has been, let’s say, rigorous with 60,000 miles of driving each year and many all-nighters, but I hope to be done before proving that adage that “he bought the farm.”

After 32 years as Chief Financial Officer of large school districts in Pennsylvania, both urban and wealthy suburban, I started a consulting business focusing on state declared financially distressed school districts. This has resulted in court appointed financial recovery work in Pennsylvania and research and legislative testimony in several states, focusing on school funding equity and adequacy. This work was possible due to further late career graduate work in an education finance doctoral program. “Spend less” meant I qualified for student and senior citizen discounts at the same time.

I am within months of retiring and hope to spend the coming years turning the farm into a demonstration farm-past, present, and future.  In addition, I will help our son with the business in Vail, twice delayed due to Covid.  If all goes well, he will join me as a Beaver Creek/Vail ski instructor, where the ski school is run to the customer service standards of the Ritz-Carleton, a slopeside hotel. For the next stage of life, I am following the model of some of my friends ten years older, who are vibrant, energetic, and fun. A variation in my case will be seeing how far into the year I can survive on gratuity income, from loyal customers at the farm and new clients at the ski school. This year, on a Covid sabbatical from the ski school, I only made it to May 15.  My wife of 44 years, Linda, and I hope to be homeless in Pennsylvania soon, living in a vehicle, and traveling full-time with seasonal stays in Vail and the Hudson Valley.  My phone number is 717-519-7532.  Please give a call if you want to visit in either location.

Although very recent pandemic events may preclude me from attending the reunion, I hope to see you at an upcoming Skyline Grizzlies Alumni Association event.


December 2019

After leaving Skyline I attended 4 years at ISU and attained my elementary education degree. I gained an MED in 1976 from the University of Utah. I wanted a change so I interviewed in Salt Lake City and was hired as a first grade teacher. This was the start of my 45 year love affair with six year olds. I have taught hundreds of first graders to read and have loved every minute of it. I am retiring this June from Canyons School District and will seriously miss these little ones. During this time I also taught math workshops to teachers across the United States during the summer. This afforded me a chance to see a lot of different parts of our country. As I settled in Utah I fell in love with its beauty and skiing. I met my husband Danny Richardson (he is from North Carolina) in 1977 at Snowbird Ski Resort where he was working. We were married in November and had a wonderful time running, hiking, skiing and traveling. We were unable to have any children but were lucky enough to adopt two as infants…Karli in 1988 and Alex in 1991. Karli and her husband live in Tulsa, Ok where he is doing his residency in Emergency Medicine. They have blessed us with three grand children…Karver….11, Kapplan….5 and Indyray…2. Alex will graduate from Engineering School this April from the University of Utah. Danny and I kept busy running (23 marathons, 3 Boston Marathons and @ 30 half marathons). We hike in our beautiful mountains weekly, travel extensively and enjoy adventuring with our friends.


December 2019

I graduated from the University of Idaho with degrees in political science and sociology, working for Governors Andrus and Evans thereafter. I finished my governmental career as Administrator of the Idaho Division of Insurance Management, and then as Director of the Idaho State Insurance Fund. Thereafter, i spend a short time in Seattle with a private insurance consulting firm when Ron and I decided to marry in Boise. We have lived in Boise and McCall since. Ron is now retired as General Counsel of the JR Simplot Company, but still provides legal services to them privately. Ron and I have volunteered our time extensively in both Boise and McCall the past 35 years. Ron’s most rewarding stints were Chairman of the St. Alphonsus Health System and Chairman of Idaho Public Television. My work as a Trustee and Secretary of the Idaho Community Foundation, a long-time member of the Payette Lake Water Quality Council, and a founder of both the City Club of Boise and the Boise River Festival were the most rewarding. I still enjoy involvement in public policy issues of note on the State, County and local levels. I’ve been in a Great Books Foundation book club for 43 years. We meet every other week, amazingly, but take a couple months off in the Summer to read trash on the beach. My Mom is 102 and still lives at home in Idaho Falls. She was recently recognized as the oldest Registered Nurse in Idaho, having graduated from the Idaho Falls LDS Hospital in 1939. She had a remarkable career as a public health nurse. When I asked her recently about her new-found celebrity, she said, “I’m apparently a late bloomer. “We waterski all summer, snow ski all winter, and have enjoyed many wonderful travels internationally. We have a very cute shih tzu, Twig, who provides lots of laughs.


December 2019

I have lived in the same house in Kuna, Idaho for 45 ½ years. (As of summer 2020.) I married Jerry Thiel soon after graduating from Skyline HS in 1970. (Jerry had been previously married and had 3 children, who have also blessed my life: Richard, Linda, and Michael.) We were blessed with 6 children: Jordan, Erinn, Allissa, Christa, Danielle, and Chase. Fourteen grandchildren have enhanced our life even more. After 45 ½ years of marriage, Jerry passed away from cancer in Oct. 2016. Of course, my life has drastically changed, but I am still me and hanging in there. I travel a lot and enjoy my children, grandchildren, my siblings and their families. I have been able to visit each of the 50 states in our country and have traveled to 15 foreign countries, so far. (Canada, Mexico, Belize, Germany, Portugal, Serbia, Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Italy, France, Zimbabwe, Thailand, Singapore, Zambia, and Botswana.) I LOVE to travel!I am an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-DaySaints. I love my Heavenly Father and my Savior, Jesus Christ. I have served in many callings in the church. I currently serve in Primary and team-teach the 6 and 7 years old class. It is so fun! I also serve as an Ordinance worker at the Boise Idaho Temple. I miss my sweetheart, but am enjoying life!


December 2019

The college to career path kept me close to home, where I always wanted to be. I still enjoy fast cars, good horses, and most of the activities that I used to do although at a modified pace. Since our Earth Day April 1970 armada I am still a dedicated bicycle rider. I raise a few cows on a small acreage in the Bonneville school district, but I cheer for Skyline in the cross-town rivalry basketball games. Life has been good.


December 2019

I lived at 317 Hill street all my life until I graduated Skyline High School in 1970. While attending High School I also worked at Farr’s Ice Cream and Candy Co. And after work I attended the Glen E. Clark Business college studying computer programing. I was enlisted into the US Navy in May of 1970, Formed our boot camp Company on my Birthday June 4th 1970. I reported to my first ship USS Jason (AR-8) in August. I worked in the Engine room (Steam propulsion) as a Machinist Mate, But later I changed to the rating of Engine man, Where I specialized in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. I was assigned to “A” Gang or Auxiliary gang where I learned to service restaurant equipment, Laundry, Boats and winches and cranes along with All kinds of hydraulic equipment. I was also stationed on the USS Deliver (ARS-23), A rescue Salvage boat ( About the size of a Tug Boat) We told the girls it was atomic research ship cause we didn’t want them to know it was a junk boat. Also Stationed on the USS Tuscaloosa (LST-1187), The USS Ramsey (FFG-2) The USS Tuscaloosa again for 2 more years and the USS Dixon (AS-37) Submarine tender (repair ship) I also had two Shore duty stations for 2 years each. I spent 2 years stationed in Hawaii. But the first year I was only in port 45 days. The rest of the time I was at sea. In 1974, I married my wife Deborah Jean Perry. I achieved the rank of Master Chief, The highest enlisted rank, with out becoming an officer. I left the Navy with 43 schools, A retirement and the benefits that go with it. My wife also retired after 20 years with a retirement as an administrator. I forgot to mention I served in Vietnam twice. In 1972 I came home on leave and was awarded the honorary title of “Baby Killer”, Thank god things changed. The state of Idaho awarded me $32.00 for groceries, My wife home state of Massachusetts awarded her $5000.00 . I went to Vietnam and she didn’t, Just saying the politics of it. I left the Navy and moved to Spokane, WA where I started 2 business’s 1996 was Spokane Coffee Appliance Repair Inc or SCARI. I became know as SCARI Mike and have been to this day. I preformed restaurant repairs, Heating, Air Conditioning, Gas piping, home appliance repairs. I retired this business in 2010. In 2005 I started a business called “Alcohol Breathalyzers of Washington. Alcohol to put me up front in the phone book, Breathalyzers to describe my product and Washington to describe my territory. However, people thought I was a cop so I finally changed it to Alcohol Breathalyzers For Fun. I still operate the two and . You can friend me on face book as Mike Bowcutt. I have two children, Brian, and my daughter Melanie. I have spent one year as Commander of the VFW Post 1474 and Commander of American Legion post 241. I help start a Veterans group called Vets garage to help veterans transition back to civilian life and deal with their PTSD Issues. I am now retired and like to do Photography and video editing, Travel and work with non-profit organizations. I was placed in the Global Directory of Who’s Who because I am the only one doing the breathalyzer business. I look forward to meeting up with my old class mates as soon as possible. I have to mention that this would not have been possible for me if it was not for the hard work of Sheryl Coburn Rose .


December 2019

After graduating from Skyline, went to BYU/Provo for a semester. Then served 2 years in England on an LDS mission, came home and married Paula Connell (Bonneville71) in 1974. Went back to BYU/Provo for 3 years before coming back to IF to open a clothing store with my father and brothers (Captains Quarters) across from the old Ada’s Cafe. Expanded to 2 more stores in the Boise area before closing them down 5 years later. The Grand Teton Mall was opening and ZCMI was one of the anchors and carried many of the same lines of clothing we did. Studied for and got my license to sell stocks and bonds and was going to work for AG Edwards Co., when the opportunity to buy/assume my families old business, Fred and Waynes Car Care Ctr., came up and have been back in the tire business ever since. Paula and I have been many years—I know tough lady and very patient. We have 5 children, 4 girls and 1 boy, Mesha, married to Jeff Robbins, Andrea, married to Brent Palmer, Jonathan, married to Denise, Kalea, married to Ben Christman and Shayla, married to Casey Merrell. Paula’s parents both died many years ago, 3 weeks apart, her mother ovarian cancer, her father massive heart attack. My brother Kevin Skyline 69/ died from suicide 3 months after her parents deaths, not a good year. Life is good–family, church and business keeping me busy—wouldn’t have it any other way. Many good memories of all my high school friends, so many great people, sincerely wishing everyone all the best this life has to offer. Be well— stay happy.


December 2019

Graduated from BYU in 1976 with a Civil Engineering Degree. I am a professional civil and certified structural engineer. Married Jackie Young from Riverton, Wyoming in 1974. Have four sons, four daughter-in-laws and most important, lots of granddaughters and grandsons. Have lived in South Jordan, Utah since 1979. Owner and President of Ensign Engineering a full service engineering consulting firm with 75 employees in 5 offices with main office in Sandy, Utah. Have been fortunate to be the engineer of several LDS Temples both nationally and internationally along with many other development projects in the Intermountain West. Enjoy traveling to different places, river cruises in Europe and visiting grand children in Texas and California.


December 2019

I attended Ricks College for 1 year after high school before serving a two year mission for the LDS Church, to Northern California. Shortly after returning home I married Christine Bird and started school in Pocatello at ISU. After graduating with a degree in accounting I worked for Burroughs Comp. Corp. for several years while living in Twin Falls Idaho. I joined the FBI, becoming a Special Agent, and moved around a bit after that. I worked in Montana after my training. We lived in Houston for 2 years, Chicago for 8 years, Denver for 11 years and Alameda CA for 3 years and then retired in December 2004. We moved to West Jordan Utah to be near my widowed mother and help take care of her, I enjoy playing pool and doing wood carvings.


December 2019

Cliff was born and raised in Idaho Falls and graduated from Skyline High School with a 1.64 gpa in 1970. You probably couldn’t graduate on that record today. Nevertheless, he graduated from college in 1975 (Oral Roberts University) with a degree in Old Testament Literature (you might guess that somewhere along the line he had a religious experience that helped turn him around). After spending nearly a year in Poland attempting to be a Franciscan Friar, he attended seminary in Oregon with the intention of becoming a Catholic priest for the Diocese of Boise. Falling in love with a lovely lady from England who lived in Vancouver, B.C. put an end to those plans, and when marriage produced three children, life finally began in earnest. Over the last many years Cliff has been a community worker (in Canada), a director of religious education (in Caldwell, ID), a high school English and history teacher (Canyon Co. ID) and now an author, editor and video lecturer for Little Rock Scripture Study in Little Rock, Arkansas. He earned a master’s degree in pastoral studies from Loyola University, New Orleans in 2000.He is the author of Pilgrim People, a Scriptural Commentary, published by Liturgical Press (2010), and Welcome to the Feast, the Story of the Eucharist in Scripture, also published by Liturgical Press (2014). The latter won a national third place award from the Catholic Publishers Association for best popular scripture book in 2015.He and his wife Liz have been married for 35 years and they have three adult children and two granddaughters.

Clifford M. Yeary, Assoc. Dir.

Little Rock Scripture Study

A ministry of the Catholic Diocese of Little Rock

In partnership with Liturgical Press (


December 2019

I graduated from Brigham Young University and taught second grade. After getting married, my husband and I moved to the New York City area. Brent was photo editor for Parade Magazine and Director of New Media and Photography for ABC Television. He changed careers in 2006 and now does marketing for Comcast in Salt Lake. I received my Master’s of Education from the College of New Rochelle in New Rochelle, New York. I taught at a small Catholic School in the Bronx. I really miss it. I now teach first grade in Sandy, Utah. We had a wonderful experience living in New York for 27 years. We miss it but love being back in the mountains. We have two girls and two boys. We enjoy our grandchildren. And I must add, we have two wonderful sons-law and one terrific daughter-in-law. We feel very fortunate!!


December 2019

 I graduated from BYU in 1974 as a registered nurse. I have had a varied and exciting career. I started in the emergency room at LDS hospital in Idaho Falls. I also worked at clinics and free standing urgent cares in Idaho Falls. I designed and taught prehospital programs (EMT, Paramedic) for the State of Idaho. I married Gene Applonie in 1982 and moved to Utah. We were blessed with 3 children 2 daughters and a son. All of our children are married. I continued my career in Utah. I worked at several Emergency rooms and home healths. I wrote 2 prehospital textbooks, which were used by the BYU Idaho and the State of Idaho. We then purchased a home health and hospice for children. I then changed to case management and moved back to the ER, where I retired in 2014. Since retirement my husband and I have been traveling extensively throughout the US. I love traveling, sewing, quilting and reading. I love playing with grandchildren. I passed on my love of various talents to my children. My son is a chef and degreed in criminal justice, 1 daughter is a nurse and 1 is accountant after her Dad. I have had a wonderful life and been truly blessed.


December 2019

After high school graduation, I attended Brigham Young University for two years where I met and married my best friend, Ron Bjorkman. We moved to Moscow, Idaho where he attended law school for three years. I also continued my education there, but then our first child was born and I became a full-time mom. We then moved to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for four years where Ron was a legal officer in the U.S. Air Force. After his military commitment was finished, we moved back to Idaho to Emmett, a small town about 25 miles northwest of Boise. Through the years we were blessed with five sons and three daughters. We lived there for 34 years and were busy with family, school, church, and community activities. In 2007 at the age of 55, I returned to school full-time at Boise State University and received my degree in English Education in 2010. I taught 7th grade language arts in the Meridian School District for a year (which I loved), but was laid off with several other new teachers during a big budget cut. Later, I had the opportunity to go back, but by then I had become involved in some writing projects and getting our home ready to sell so we could travel in retirement. A few years ago, my husband and I taught at Nanjing University in Nanjing, China through an exchange program through the Brigham Young University Kennedy Center. He taught American law and I taught oral English. Our students were outstanding – the cream of the crop – because this university is the #5 university in China and is extremely competitive to get into. We loved our students. We plan to serve LDS missions, so who knows where we will be next? UPDATE TO MARILYNS BIO: I’m sorry that I will be missing our Skyline HS 50th year reunion. I send my greetings and best wishes to each of you. My husband, Ron, and I will be serving an 18-month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the German-speaking Alpine Mission (southern Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) beginning April 29, 2019. We previously served a mission in the Berlin Mission from September 2016-August 2018. From 2013-2016 my husband and I taught at Nanjing University in Nanjing China through the BYU China Teachers Program. I taught Oral English and my husband taught American Law. It is difficult to describe how living and teaching in China changed my perspective on life and helped me develop a love for the people and culture of China, but notably, not their system of government. I was able to teach because I finally earned my BA in English Education from Boise State University in 2010, 40 years after my graduation from Skyline High School. I taught one year in the Meridian School District before I began preparations to sell our home and begin our adventures. Ron and I will celebrate 46 years of marriage this year. We spent 34 of those years in Emmett, Idaho raising our family, but we now call Boise our home when we are back in Idaho. Officially, we have eight children, but we also have another seven children by marriage and 18 grandchildren, so we have quite a crew when we gather for reunions. Half our children live in the Boise-Meridian area, and the others live in Seattle, Denver, New York City, and Dubai. We feel we have truly been blessed. We have also hosted foster children and foreign exchange students through the years, and have “adopted” a few children and grandchildren during our adventures. We look forward to doing some sight-seeing in April 2019 in the Middle East (UAE, Jordan, and Jerusalem) when we travel to Dubai to meet our newest grandson. We are trying hard to take care of our health so we can continue to be active for many more years. Again, I wish you all the best and hope you have a wonderful reunion.


December 2019

From 1970 to 2004 I was blessed to be a stay at home Mom and raise my 4 children, Steven, John, Adrianne and Michael. They have been the joy of my life…..until the grandkids came along. Grandchildren are truly life’s reward! In 2004 I became an empty nester and divorced. That year gave new meaning to reinvent yourself and move on.’ That year I had a new home built, which was an adventure and I received a church calling to serve at BYU-I. My new church calling lasted nearly 5 years and was an awesome experience to work with such amazing youth. I consider that calling a huge personal blessing. Serving healed my sole in a way I couldn’t have imagined it would. In 2005 I decided I needed something to do, so I went to work in a furniture store 3 days a week. It was a fun job. My creative side was very happy working with people on decorating projects…. Love colors, fabrics and texture. That store closed in 2014. I thought I would just retire at that point, but unexpectedly a job came my way working 3 days a week in a floor covering shop. It has been a pleasant job and I am learning all there is to know about flooring. As long as my health is good I figure I might as well stay busy. My interests are varied. I love flower gardening, reading, shopping and friends. I have played the organ for my church longer than I can remember, so music is an important part of my life. I also have a passion for alternative medicine. I have a certification in reflexology as well as training in iridology and herbal supplements. Of course, spending time with my children and grandchildren is always a pleasure.


December 2019

At the end of my junior year (1969), I found out that my family was moving to Omaha, Nebraska. So unfortunately I was not able to graduate with you all. I was not at all happy with that arrangement but there wasn’t anything I could do to change it. While in Nebraska, I met my first husband and got married. After attending one year at University of Nebraska, Omaha, my husband wanted to move back to his home state of Oregon. So we moved. Our daughter was born in Portland in 1973 but our marriage was not working out and I divorced and moved to Illinois where my parents lived. I met my second and current husband Dave Subject in Chicago, Illinois while working at Walgreens Corporate Office and attended University of Illinois, Chicago. Dave adopted my first daughter Michelle and we also had three more daughters. I was a stay at home mom up until my youngest daughter was around thirteen years old when I went back to school finishing with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Health Administration. I worked as a Medical Records Coder at the University of Chicago Hospital until my husband sold his company and wanted to winter in Florida…so I quit my job! Florida is lovely in the winter! My oldest daughter has two boys whom I adore and I am hoping for more grandchildren from my other three daughters. We’ll see. My hobbies are golf, pickle ball and previously tennis but my body has said enough with the tennis! On the less strenuous side I like to scrapbook, read, garden, and Bible study. The only person I kept up with from Skyline H.S. was Susie Nelson Houx. I will miss her a lot but have recently got back in touch with another friend, Kris Chapple Durham. I hope to connect with many more friends from my best years in high school! I want to thank you for including me in your reunion plans! Moving in my senior year to a new school was difficult and I have always felt that Skyline was my true high school! I hope to attend another reunion in the future if the opportunity presents itself again! Stay well my friends!


December 2019

The first 30 years of my life, I lived in Idaho Falls. The second 30 years of my life I lived in Pocatello. Now, I’m back in Idaho Falls – maybe for another 30 years? In Pocatello I worked for 23 years as an analyst with the FBI. My work took me to several cities across the United States to assist with some pretty high-profile investigations including the Atlanta Olympics bombing and the Oklahoma City bombing. It’s good to be retired from all that and have time to spend with my family and friends and reconnecting with my art and musical interests. In 2006 my husband, Paul, passed away from cancer related to the use of agent orange in Vietnam, and that same year I lost my older son, John, to Multiple Sclerosis. God walked beside me through it all, and brought me out on the other side grateful for the blessings that remain in my life: my granddaughter from John, my son; Jason, and his wife and two more granddaughters; and… last November, after eight years of being a widow, I married Michael Powers! Life is like reading a great book. I just keep turning the pages to see what happens next.


December 2019

I left Idaho Falls the day after graduation (my folks had moved to Washington state mid-way through our senior year). I worked and attended Community College in Moses Lake, and then attended Boise State for a year. I discovered I liked earning a paycheck more than I liked going to school, so I never got around to finishing my formal education. I went to work for Morrison-Knudsen in Boise, and was transferred to Baltimore, Maryland, where I met my husband Warren. We have two daughters. I never thought about being a Mom (which turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to us) — and now to have grandchildren — holy cow we are blessed!! We have lived in West Richland, WA for many years — and prior to that, we lived in (in order): Kennewick, WA – St. Louis, MO – Boise, ID – Idaho Falls, ID – Marion, IN – Phoenix, AZ – Mobile, AL – Lansing, MI – Spanaway, WA – and finally West Richland, WA! Phew!! And in the midst of all that, I worked for about 18 months on Keystone Pipeline — working in North and South Dakota, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas! I’ve been working for Bechtel (Hanford Vitrification Project) for many years — and no, I don’t think it will ever be done!I Stay busy with grandbabies, work, quilting, card-making, glass etching, volunteer opportunities in the community — and yes, I spend waaaaay too much time on Facebook.


December 2019

I left I.F. for college at Georgetown University, Washington DC – stumbled through four majors while trying to figure out what to do with my life – met Allan Levy – took off a year from school, and worked as an executive secretary (thank you, Skyline, for the typing/shorthand class) – then went through parts of four grad schools – and finally settled on psychology! So now I’ve been in practice with Allan in Frederick, MD, near DC, for many years (geez). In the interim: we traveled all over, including to our 20th reunion (what a blast), and THEN had two kids, Caleb and Nathan, and a “foster” kid, Jacob. They are now a computer scientist, actor, and grad student, respectively. Now that they are launched, we will travel again! Including to our 50th … I CAN’T WAIT!! And guess who thinks Idaho Falls is the cat’s meow? My kids, of course …

P.S. – Rebeatts (Betty Ford) continued to teach English literature in New York, where she moved with my dad in 1971; retired in Ohio with a bunch of relatives; and tutored reading until she was no longer able. She passed in 2015, no doubt with an English lecture for all of you on her lips …


December 2019

It’s been quite a journey over the last 50 years, starting with the summer after graduation when I married Wayne Howard. We got married before going to school in Pocatello, where we lived for 4 years. In September 1973 we had a son, Brad, who kept us hopping between Salt Lake and Pocatello for medical care after he was born with heart defects. After 4 surgeries and many close calls, he’s now doing well. We moved back to Idaho Falls and ended up getting divorced in 1977. I moved to SLC in 1978 to start a career in finance which lead me to Coeur d ‘alene to manage an office for Blazer Finance. Brad and I lived in CDA for 10 years and spent countless days on the lake, enjoying every minute of it. During this time I was married and divorced twice. With 2 ex-husbands and no family up there, we moved back to Idaho Falls. Back in Idaho Falls, I started working at EIRMC in 1990. I started out there doing collections and after getting my Paralegal, I was able to create a legal department at the hospital and in 2005 became the Director of Patient Access. After many years, I just retired the end of May. In 1993 I decided to bite the bullet and get married again, this time to Rick Sterzick.. Rick’s been plagued with health issues for 20 years and has been in a nursing home for the a few years. When he first got sick, we had the opportunity to travel and had many great trips together, to many countries, with lots of memories. My 2 granddaughters, Alexis and Kayla have been spending the summer with me and my 2 Chihuahua puppies, Snoop Dog and Scooby. Our days are filled with chaos, running the kids to gym, swimming, shopping and all the things that girls do and I have to say girls are much harder than boys. I get great joy watching them experience life. The puppies are doing what most puppies do, peeing, pooping and chewing on everything. It’s been a great ride, with no regrets and I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Every day has been a challenge with new and exciting experiences.


December 2019

After graduation from Skyline High School, I spent a year at Ricks College before serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Ecuador. After my mission I returned to Ricks for a semester before transferring to Brigham Young University. I graduated in April 1976 with a major in Spanish with the intent of being a high school teacher. After graduation from BYU, I completed the necessary course work to add an English minor to my record. On August 5, 1976, I married Florence Young of Tooele, Utah, in the Salt Lake Temple. We remained in Provo so she could complete her masters in Food Science and Nutrition. In January 1978 I started my first teaching position as the Title 1-Migrant teacher in Aberdeen, Idaho. After Pres. Reagan cut some of the funds for federal programs, I found a job as a second grade bilingual teacher in Baldwin Park, California. At the end of August 1982 we moved to Fontana, California, where we still live. After my year at Baldwin Park, I worked in Perris, California, as a second grade bilingual teacher. In 1987 I got a job in the Fontana Unified School District, which meant I no longer had to drive distances to work. After teaching at Maple Elementary in Fontana as a bilingual teacher, I moved to Fontana High School as an English as a Second Language teacher (now called English Language Development). For many years I was also the ELD department chair at the high school until my retirement in 2014. During my years at FOHI I primarily worked with the new immigrant students trying to get them to learn English. Florence and I have seven children—six girls and a boy. All except our second daughter and the youngest daughter are married. We have at this time 18 ½ grandchildren. The nineteenth is expected this coming June. Throughout my life I have served in many different positions in the Church. From August 2012 to July 2018 I served as the bishop of the Alder Ward in the Fontana Stake. Since August 2018 Florence and I have been early morning seminary teachers in the stake. Last November, 2019, we were called to be full time missionaries for the Church called to help strengthen the two Spanish-speaking wards in the stake. Due to our mission responsibilities, we will not be able to attend the class reunion this coming summer.


December 2019

Following a normal childhood filled with mischief and fun, I graduated from Skyline High School. I attended BYU for one semester before serving an LDS mission. Two years later, I returned to BYU and started seriously thinking about my future. With so many interests and opportunities knocking everywhere, I couldn’t decide on a major. I took classes in all kinds of subjects trying to find my niche, but I had a problem – I was interested in them all, and couldn’t settle on any one major. I had begun taking flying lessons when I returned from my mission and continued accruing time and earning more advanced licenses and ratings throughout my college career. I was enjoying flying more and more, and college less and less. Flying seemed to be a good fit, and I finally decided to make it my career. I continued working toward my bachelor’s degree, but all the while dreaming and working towards a flying career. During my last semester, I fell in love with a beautiful little blond girl from Seattle, and we got married. I landed a job (get it?) as a flight instructor and charter pilot. Finally, I began flying for a Commuter Airline out of Denver until one day when I got iced out of the sky. Ice is a pilot’s worst enemy, and when it appears, it can be deadly. I was flying a Piper Navajo with ten passengers when the ice started accumulating on the wings and propellers. Suddenly, there was a terrible banging sound as the propellers began launching chunks of ice into the side of the airplane. Some of the passengers started screaming, which had a way of unnerving me and making my situation go from bad to worse. The airspeed began to fall, and the airplane began to lose altitude. I declared an emergency and requested immediate assistance. The FAA controller calmly cleared me back to Denver and assigned me a lower altitude. Finally, as we descended through the bottom of the clouds, all the ice dissipated, and those terrifying banging sounds ceased. The passengers stopped screaming and began cheering, and my fingertips returned to their natural color. It was during that flight when I decided I would prefer to be an Air Traffic Controller rather than a pilot – and that’s exactly what I did. Due to all of my flight experience, I was hired by the Federal Aviation Administration to be an Air Traffic Controller. I spent twenty-five years with the FAA working as a Tower/Radar controller in eight different facilities throughout the Western States. I even returned to Idaho Falls as the Manager of the Control Tower from 1991 to 1995. I then transferred to the Salt Lake Tower, where I worked as the Assistant Manager for Training and Quality Assurance until I retired. I was fortunate to be able to travel throughout the country lecturing, attending classes, and teaching courses. They say air traffic control is one of the most stressful jobs one can have, and I would tend to agree .After a year of home projects and relaxing, I joined the Washington Consulting Group out of Washington, D.C., where we provided consulting and training services to the FAA and other aviation entities. In my new position, I traveled to China, where I taught Chinese Air Traffic Controllers how to handle emergencies and other air traffic control skills. When I returned home, I began training new air traffic controllers at Salt Lake Airport and supervising controller training in Utah, Idaho, Montana, and Colorado. My wife and I had three beautiful daughters who are now grown and have families of their own. Tragically, after 37 years of marriage, my wife developed breast cancer and passed away in 2014. I was devastated and really struggling with loneliness and heartache as I tried to get on with life. After several months (and a little help from the other side), I was blessed to find Pam Goodwin, who was also struggling after being deserted by two husbands leaving her to raise her four children alone. We were both so excited to see each other again and talk about our friendship and experiences from 42 years ago. Pam gave me a reason to live again and to look forward to the future. My life took on a whole new flavor as our rekindled friendship blossomed, and we both, once again, felt loved. We were married on September 3rd, 2015. We have traveled quite a bit, but we find we are both basically homebodies preferring to spend our time close to family, gardening, quilting, and crafts (Pam), while I enjoy working in the yard, family history projects, golfing and creating things with my wood lathe. Pam loves playing the piano, and we recently purchased a baby grand. Pam plays a few hours every day, filling our house (and the neighborhood) with beautiful music. And, after two years of piano lessons, I am pleased to report that I finally found middle C. In the past 50 years since our graduation, I have enjoyed some of the highest highs and grieved through some of the lowest lows of life. And through it all, the most valuable lesson I have learned is to treat everyone with kindness and love.


December 2019

After graduation, I went to ISU for a couple of years, then quit to work, er, play. There was the usual McDonald’s job. Then I did several State Employee jobs, including Tribal Ed and the Art Department at ISU…that was the beginning of my “Art Career.” In 1975 I married Merrill Owens, (IF 1968), wrestler, and I moved to Salmon, Idaho, where we lived for three years of “extended honeymoon.” Merrill was a business teacher and I took whatever jobs were available: dude ranch, dress shop. In 1978 we moved to Coeur d’Alene, where our son, Blake, was born three weeks after the move, and we will be based here forever. Blake is now 36, been married and divorced, and has an amazing daughter, 10 now. He’s a manager at Parker Toyota. So proud of him! In Coeur d’Alene, Merrill taught business at Coeur d’Alene HS and I worked as a legal secretary before graduating from U of I with a double degree in Elementary Ed. and Art Ed. I taught elementary art for 21 years. We are both retired and enjoying our “cabin” with a view of the lake, spending time with our family and friends and enjoying our hobbies (Merrill keeps fit and I now have time for oil painting), and TRAVELING. I LOVE France, been there five times now (using my HS French), and will be taking my granddaughter to France for three weeks next summer. I’ve scratched Florida and every state west of the Mississippi, Canada, Amsterdam (VanGogh Museum), China, Italy, and the Cook Islands off of my list…and Ireland, at last, this summer. I’m Irish…it was wonderful! It’s such a big, Wonderful World. I’m looking forward to getting reacquainted with so many of you, since I have missed so many of our reunions!


December 2019

After graduation I spent the summers of 70, 71, 72 and 73 working at Alpine 4H Camp as an assistant cook. It was a lot of hard work, but also lots of fun staying in a cabin in the forest by Palisades Lake. In August of 70 I began studies in Home Economics at Ricks College (BYU-I), transferring to ISU in 71 and graduating with a teaching degree in Consumer Economics (then the new name for Home Economics) in 1974.On September 7, 1974, I became one of many girls from Idaho Falls who married Navy men. The next four years saw us living in Norfolk VA, where our oldest son Remo was born, and then Charleston SC, where our other son Levi was born. In 1978 we left the Navy, and Bill went to work for Mountain Bell in Billings MT, and I went to work for Pierce Packing. I worked for them until they closed their doors in 1983. I began taking care of a friend’s mother and cleaning her apartment twice a week. Then that friend asked me to clean her home, and by word of mouth I soon had a fulltime cleaning business. Meanwhile, the government decided that Ma Bell was a monopoly and had to be broken up, and in the process, Bill lost his job. He took a temporary job using his technical skills for Continental Oil, and was hired on a permanent basis at the end of the temp job. The company moved us to Great Falls in 1989, and I started working part time at a picture framing studio. In 2004, I bought the frame shop and became owner/operator for the next 13 years .I closed the shop and retired in 2017. I get a laugh every time I drive by as it is now a place of a different form of art – it’s a tattoo shop! Continental Oil changed hands (including names) 4 times in the 35 years Bill worked for them. He retired from Phillips Petroleum in 2018. We’ve since then been enjoying a carefree, stress-free life.


December 2019

Much bouncing around in college, both with choice of majors and colleges. Finally ended up with an undergrad degree in American history from UW-Madison, with a concentration in constitutional and legal history, thinking I’d head to law school. But at the last minute, the thought of spending an entire career handling disputes seemed unattractive. Instead, I got a graduate degree in Public Administration (that’s like business administration, except you take courses in tax economics instead of advertising). I then spent 30 years working for the State of Wisconsin in courts administration (counseling local trial courts on records and evidence management); the state health department (managing quality assurance for a community-based long-term care program); and the state legislature (conducting oversight investigations into programs about which the legislators had concerns). When I retired, my pay-back civic work evolved to concentrate on election security, starting in 2012, when people were calling us conspiracy theorists because we were warning that election officials were not taking security seriously. (In Wisconsin, they still aren’t. They still declare election results final without auditing to see whether they are correct.) You can check out my work at or follow me on Twitter: @Karen_McKim_ It’s a topic worth your investigation–whatever state you live in (except maybe Colorado and Rhode Island, the leaders), your elections are not as secure as they should/could be. And yes, you should be concerned no matter which party you support. Married twice–both kids from the first marriage, all the happiness from the second. Husband Keith is retired from a medical tech firm and prize-winning orchid grower. Daughter Ellie, 31, is a creative director in the graphic design shop at the HQ of a national health club chain in the Twin Cities, married with a 1-year-old son Peter. Son Ted, 29, is finishing up his certification as a welder and looking forward to his first job in his new career this summer. Everyone’s healthy and happy.


December 2019

Retired July 1, 2019. 45 years concrete const. In treasure valley, and then just under 2 million miles over the road and all 48 states. Son Beau is chief engineer for CBS2 in Boise. Daughter Chloe to graduate in may from CSU in Fort Collins with PHD & DVM. Could not take western side of ID any longer so settled back on this side near Salmon. Left a few x’s along the way but loving life now. Go Grizzlies!♨️


July 2021

At an earlier class reunion, our 20th, I was given an award of dubious distinction for spending the greatest number of years in college. Nineteen years of college coursework — with an absence of several years devoted to hitchhiking, backpacking, and generally finding my path — eventually led to a Ph.D. in Comparative Arts from Ohio University. In my mid-thirties I finally went to work with a purpose when I accepted a position as a professor of art history at Wofford College, in Spartanburg, South Carolina. I taught there for thirty-three years before retiring a year ago. The job suited me well, even ideally, with the opportunity it provided to teach and study cultural history and the flexibility it offered in the courses I taught. Ironically, after largely “blowing off” academic work in high school, my teaching career entailed a constant effort to prod students to be curious, work hard, and produce their best work. Because Wofford has a month-long term in January when travel-study is possible, I led student groups to European cultural sites over twenty times and developed a passion for absorbing travel experience. I continue to organize tours of this kind for adult groups. Several old friends from high school days have participated in the past and will do so again in September when I will lead a tour of Greece.

Though I have resided in the South for many years now, I retain a love of the mountain landscapes of the West. For the last twenty-five years I have returned to Idaho every summer to backpack in a wilderness area with John Long, Dan Neal, other friends, and our children. With all these travel experiences I pursue a passion for photography, an activity I will continue to develop in retirement. My photographic work may be seen on a website at

During my years as a college drop-out I met Gail, my wife of forty-four years, whose companionship and support have been key to my successes and my happiness. Our two children Stephen and Hannah are now in their thirties and live on the West coast. In the near future we anticipate a move to Washington state and the arrival of our first grandchild.